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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Application of Graphical User Interface of Matlab for Opencast Mining Machinery Noise PredictionNanda, S K; Tripathy, D P
May-2011Application of Legendre Neural Network for Air Quality PredictionNanda, S K; Tripathy, D P; Mahapatra, S S
Aug-2015Assessment of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) of Mine Workers in a Bauxite Mine Using Fuzzy LogicTripathy, D P; Rao, D S
May-2015Design of Illumination system for Haul Road and Dump Yard of an Opencast Coal MineTripathy, D P
Jun-2023Design of Illumination System in a Mechanised Opencast Iron Ore Mine- A Case StudyTripathy, D P; Yadu, V
2009Determination of Soil Pollution Index and Soil Infiltration Rates in Some Non-fire and Fire Areas of Jharia Coal FieldTripathy, D P; Panigrahi, D C; Singh, Gurdeep
2009Development of a Neuro Fuzzy Model for Noise Prediction in Opencast MinesNanda, S K; Tripathy, D P; Patra, S K
May-2013Effective maintenance practices for mining equipmentsTripathy, D P
Aug-2011Emergency Management: Conceptual Framework (Industrial Emergency Preparedness)Tripathy, D P
Jan-2012Mine Closure Planning Issues and Strategies in The Indian ContextTripathy, D P
Oct-2014Monitoring and Prediction of Fugitive Dust Concentration in an Opencast Coal Project Using AERMODTripathy, D P
May-2015Noise Identification, Modeling and Control in Mining IndustryTripathy, D P; Nanda, S K
May-2015A Novel Approach of Co­Occurrence Matrix for Gangue Separation from IronTripathy, D P; Reddy, R G R
2008Performance Evaluation of Cement Stabilized Fly Ash–GBFS Mixes as a Highway Construction MaterialSingh, S P; Tripathy, D P; Ranjith, P G
Dec-2014Safety risk analysis and management techniques in coal minesTripathy, D P
May-2013Safey Risk Analysis and Risk Management in MinesTripathy, D P
Mar-2014Sustainable Development Practices in Mining IndustryTripathy, D P