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Title: Application of Legendre Neural Network for Air Quality Prediction
Authors: Nanda, S K
Tripathy, D P
Mahapatra, S S
Keywords: Air Quality Models
Artificial Neural Network
Functional Link Artificial Network (FLAN)
Legendre Neural Network
Issue Date: May-2011
Citation: 5th PSU-UNS International Conference on Engineering & Technology(ICET-2011) during May 2-3, 2011, Phuket, Thailand
Abstract: In this present time, air pollution is treated as an environmental predica¬ment for developed and developing countries. Numerous models which could be useful to estimate pollutant concentrations as a function of the emission distribution and the attendant meteorological conditions have been investigated. So far a lot of them have been based up on physical and chemical principles. In this paper an intel¬ligence system approach, in air pollution modelling has been proposed. The main target of this approach is the prediction, on the basis of meteorological prevision. The system was developed by using air pollution concentration as a function of the presence of the pollutant in it and the meteorological parameters. From this present investigation, it is found that legendre neural based intelligence system has a good prediction capability.
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