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Title: Application of Graphical User Interface of Matlab for Opencast Mining Machinery Noise Prediction
Authors: Nanda, S K
Tripathy, D P
Keywords: opencast mining
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Citation: International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Remediation, University of Ottawa, Canada, 17th-19th August, 2011
Abstract: This paper highlights the application of graphical user interface of Matlab for opencast mining machinery noise prediction. A number of models were developed were expensively used for the assessment of sound pressure levels and their attenuations around mining working environments. The impact of noise in mining conditions depends upon the sound power level of noise generators, prevailing geo-mining conditions and meteorological parameters of the mining complex. To predict the appropriate noise level in mines, there are many statistical models were available ex. CONCAWE, ISO-9612, VDI-2710 etc. However, due to complexity in model evaluation, very few are applied in mining industry. To solve this problem, here a Matlab GUI application is represented and implication to CONCAWE noise prediction model. This GUI based CONCAWE model gives more visualization support to engineers to predict mining machinery noise in more precisely.
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