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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2011Bitonic Sort in Shared SIMD Array ProcessorPanda, A C; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Dec-2014Covariance Based Person Re-identification Using Spectral MatchingNanda, A; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Dec-2014Dots and Incipient based Fingerprint Matching Scheme using FMM and Delaunay TriangulationSwain, S; Majhi, B; Dash, R; Sa, Pankaj K
Aug-2012An Efficient DoG based Fingerprint Enhancement SchemeSamantaray, S; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Apr-2012Evaluation of Periocular over Face Biometric: A Case StudyBakshi, S; Kumari, S; Raman, R; Sa, Pankaj K
2007Improved Adaptive Impulsive Noise SuppressionSa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B; Panda, G
2008Improved Enhancement Scheme Using a RBFN Detector for Impulse NoiseMohapatra, S; Dash, R; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
2013Intensity Range based Background Subtraction for Effective Object DetectionHati, K K; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Dec-2011Lip Pattern Recognition based on Local Feature ExtractionBakshi, S; Raman, R; Sa, Pankaj K
Dec-2012LOBS: Local Background Subtracter for Video SurveillanceHati, K K; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Jan-2021Localization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Corridor Environments using Deep LearningPadhy, Ram Prasad; Ahmad, Shahzad; Verma, Sachin; Bakshi, Sambit; Sa, Pankaj K
Sep-2015A Multi-view Video Synopsis FrameworkMahapatra, A; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Nov-2012Occlusion prediction algorithms for multi-camera networkRaman, R; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Nov-2014Person Re-identification Using Clustering Ensemble PrototypesNanda, A; Sa, Pankaj K
Dec-2014Person Re-identification Using Prototype FormationNanda, A; Sa, Pankaj K
Oct-2012A Real-time Model for Multiple Human Face Tracking from Low-resolution Surveillance VideosSarkar, R; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Mar-2012Review on Image Sonification: A Non-visual Scene RepresentationSarkar, R; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Mar-2012Score level fusion of sift and surf for IRISBakshi, S; Das, Sujata; Mehrotra, H; Sa, Pankaj K
2009Second order difference based detection and directional weighted median filter for removal of random valued impulsive noiseSa, Pankaj K; Dash, R; Majhi, B
Jul-2013Support Vector Regression based Image RestorationSa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B