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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2007Acid Degradation of FRP CompositesSurendra Kumar, M; Sharma, Neeti; Ray, B C
2006Adhesion of Glass/Epoxy Composites Influenced by Thermal and Cryogenic EnvironmentsRay, B C
2011Adsorption of Zn(II) on activated red mud: Neutralized by CO2Sahu, R C; Patel, R K; Ray, B C
Dec-2012Analysis of Properties of Copper-Alumina Composites Produced by Various Processing Routes: A ReviewGupta, S; Dash, K; Ray, B C
May-2011An analysis of the temperature-induced supersaturation effects on structure and properties of sono-electrodeposited copper thin filmsMallik, A; Ray, B C
2007Assesment of Microstructural Integrity of Glass/Epoxy Composites at Liquid Nitrogen TemperatureSurendra Kumar, M; Chawla, N; Asima Priyadarsini; Mishra, I; Ray, B C
Jun-2011An Assessment on Failure Behaviour of Environmentally Conditioned FRP Composites: An Emphasis on Micromechanics UnderstandingRay, B C
Sep-2014Assessment and modification strategies for improved interlaminar properties of advanced FRP composites: A reviewPrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
2011Assessment of adhesion chemistry at the fiber/polymer interface and evaluation of mechanical behavior of FRP compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2015An Assessment of Flexural Performance of Liquid Nitrogen Conditioned Glass/Epoxy Composites with Multiwalled Carbon NaotubeShukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
2013An assessment of interfacial chemistry and character of fiber/polymer micro-compositesSethi, S; Ray, B C
2004Assessment of Interlaminar Shear Strength of Hybrid Composites Subjected to a Fluctuating Humid EnvironmentMula, S; Ray, B C; Ray, P K
2002Assessment of mechanical behavior of Kevlar/polyester composites after thermal shock conditioningRay, B C
2014An assessment of mechanical behaviour and fractography study of glass/epoxy composites at different temperatures and loading speedsSethi, S; Ray, B C
2007Assessment of Small Interactions and Structural Gradient at the Interface of Glass and Carbon Fibers Epoxy and Micro-composites by FTIR-Imaging and DSC TechniquesSharma, Neeti; Ray, B C
2014The behaviour of aluminium matrix composites under thermal stresses-a reviewDash, K; Sukumaran, S; Ray, B C
1989Characterization of Hygrothermal Diffusion Parameters in Fibre Reinforced Polymeric CompositesRay, B C; Biswas, A; Sinha, P K
2010Chronoamperometric And Structural Studies Of Potentiostatistically Deposited Nickel In Presence Of UltrasoundDas, A; Mallik, A; Ray, B C
Jul-2012A Comparative study of Al-Al2O3 Micro- and Nanocomposites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy RouteDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C
Feb-2015A comparative study of the mechanical performance of Glass and Glass/Carbon hybrid polymer composites at different temperature environmentsShukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Mahato, K K; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C