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Title: Adhesion of Glass/Epoxy Composites Influenced by Thermal and Cryogenic Environments
Authors: Ray, B C
Keywords: composites
mechanical properties
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Journal of Applied Polymer Science,Vol 102, Iss 2, P 1943-1949
Abstract: Little information regarding the effects of prior thermal and cryogenic conditionings on hydrothermal and mechanical behavior for varied volume fractions of constituent phases in polymer matrix fiber composites has been published to date. The present experimental investigation uses flexural test to assess the effects of thermal and cryogenic treatments and concurrently followed hydrothermal aging on quality of adhesion of multi-layered laminates for 55, 60 and 65 weight percentages of E-glass fibers reinforced epoxy composites. The specimens were conditioned at 80˚C and −80˚C temperatures for different time durations and thereafter they were immediately immersed in boiling water for an hour. Water absorption rates were evaluated for those conditioned specimens in such environment. Absorption study in hydrothermal aging showed a remarkable variation for the two cases of prior conditionings. The shear strength values were compared with the test value of as-cured samples. Degradation of mechanical property was found to be less prevalent during hydrothermal aging with a prior conditioning at 80˚C temperature in compared to −80˚C treated glass/epoxy composites. Improved shear strength for almost all conditions of thermal conditioning in the initial stages has highlighted better adhesion influenced by post-curing phenomena during thermal or cryogenic conditioning. It was also observed from water absorption data that high temperature conditioning contributed more strengthening effect and better adhesion at the interfaces.
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