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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-20112D Trajectory-based Position Estimation and Tracking of the Ball in a Basketball VideoChakraborty, B; Meher, S
Dec-2010Application of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms in Computational FinanceMishra, S K; Panda, G; Meher, S; Majhi, R
Mar-2013Automatic Extraction of Human Gait Feature for RecognitionDas, S; Meher, S
Apr-2013Automatic License Plate Recognition in Real Time Videos using Visual Surveillance TechniquesKodwani, L; Meher, S
Apr-2014Block Based Motion Estimation u sing Hybrid Hexagon Kite Cross Diamond Search AlgorithmvRagasudha, N; Singh, D; Meher, S
2009Chebyshev Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks for Denoising of Image Corrupted by Salt and Pepper NoiseMishra, S K; Panda, G; Meher, S
2010Color Image Denoising with Multi-channel Circular Spatial FilteringMeher, S
2009Comparative Performance Evaluation of Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm For Portfolio ManagementMishra, S K; Panda, G; Meher, S
Apr-2013Compression Efficiency for Combining Different Embedded Image Compression Techniques with Huffman EncodingSrikanth, S; Meher, S
Dec-2015Dynamic Background Subtraction using Local Binary Pattern and Histogram of Oriented GradientsPanda, D K; Meher, S
2014Dynamic Background Subtraction Using Texton Co-occurrence MatrixPanda, D K; Meher, S
Dec-2012An efficient Multiscale Phase Spectrum Based Salient Object Detection TechniqueSingh, D; Meher, S
Dec-2012An Efficient, Adaptive Unsharp Masking Based Interpolation for Video Intra Frame Up-samplingAcharya, A; Meher, S
Jul-2013Experimental and Numerical Study on Vibration of Industry Driven Woven Fiber Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Composite PlatesNayak, N; Meher, S; Sahu, S K
2009Exponential Functional Link Artificial Neural Networks for Denoising of Image Corrupted by Gaussian NoiseMishra, S K; Panda, G; Meher, S; Sahoo, A K
Apr-2015Facial Expression Recognition Using Local Binary Patterns and Kullback Leibler DivergenceVupputuri, A; Meher, S
Apr-2013FPGA Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform Core Using NEDAMankar, A; N, Prasad; Meher, S
2013A Gaussian Mixture Model with Gaussian Weight Learning Rate and Foreground Detection using Neighbourhood CorrelationPanda, D K; Meher, S
2011Handwritten Odia Character RecognitionBasa, D; Meher, S
Dec-2013Local Adaptive Laplacian for Better 2-D Up-samplingAcharya, A; Meher, S