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Title: Experimental and Numerical Study on Vibration of Industry Driven Woven Fiber Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Composite Plates
Authors: Nayak, N
Meher, S
Sahu, S K
Keywords: Vibration
modal testing
FRF spectrum
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Citation: 7th International Conference on Materials For Advance Technologies, 1st-5th July 2013 at Suntec City Hall 403, ICMAT 2013
Abstract: The present research is an experimental and numerical investigation on parametric study of vibration characteristics of industry driven woven fiber carbon composite panels. The effects of different geometry, boundary conditions, lamination parameters and fibre on the frequencies of vibration of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) panels are studied in this investigation. The vibration study is carried out using B &K FFT analyzer, accelerometer, impact hammer excitation. The PULSE software is used to convert the responses from time domain to frequency domain. The Frequency Response Function (FRF) spectrum are studied with the coherences to obtain a clear understanding of the vibration characteristics of the CFRP plates. The experimental results are compared with the numerical predictions using the FEM program as well as software package ANSYS 13.0. A very good agreement was observed between the results. Different mode shapes were plotted to interpret the different modes of vibration using ANSYS. Benchmark results are presented showing the effects of different parameters on the natural frequencies of CFRP plates.
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