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Title: Compression Efficiency for Combining Different Embedded Image Compression Techniques with Huffman Encoding
Authors: Srikanth, S
Meher, S
Keywords: EZW
progressive encoding
Huffman encoder
PSNR and bit rates
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Citation: International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing - ICCSP' 13, Tamilnadu, 3-5th April 2013
Abstract: This paper proposes a technique for image compression which uses the different embedded Wavelet based image coding in combination with Huffman- encoder for further compression. There are different types of algorithms available for lossy image compression out of which EZW, SPIHT and Modified SPIHT algorithms are the some of the important compression techniques. EZW algorithm is based on progressive encoding to compress an image into a bit stream with increasing accuracy. SPIHT is a very efficient image compression algorithm that is based on the idea of coding groups of wavelet coefficients as zero trees. Modified SPIHT algorithm and the preprocessing techniques provide significant quality (both subjectively and objectively) reconstruction at the decoder with little additional computational complexity as compared to the previous techniques. Simulation results show that these hybrid algorithms yield quite promising PSNR values at low bitrates.
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