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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adsorptive Removal of Acrylonitrile by Commercial Grade Activated Carbon: Kinetics, Equilibrium and ThermodynamicsKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
2008Adsorptive Removal of Acrylonitrile using Powder Activated CarbonKumar, Arvind; Prasad, Basheshwar; Mishra, Indra Mani
Aug-2019Modelling and Simulation Study of CO2 Capturing Process in Coal Fired Power Plant using Various Amine SolventsMunshi, Basudeb; Panda, Swaraj; Kumar, Arvind
2009Optimization of Acrylonitrile Removal by Activated Carbon-Granular Using Response Surface MethodologyKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
2008Optimization of Process Parameters for Acrylonitrile Removal by a Low-cost Adsorbent using Box–Behnken DesignKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
Dec-2022Optimization Studies for 2-Chlorophenol Removal by Walnut Shell Activated Carbon (WAC) Using Taguchi's Experimental DesignMahapatra, Manoj Kumar; Kumar, Arvind
Nov-2018Phenol adsorption onto high surface area activated carbon prepared from agriculture waste Fox nutshell by chemical activation with H3PO4: batch and fixed bed studiesKumar, Arvind; Jena, Hara Mohan
2007Process Parametric Study for Ethene Carboxylic Acid Removal onto Powder Activated Carbon using Box-Behnken DesignKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
2009Statistical Optimization of Process Parameters for Cr (VI) Biosorption onto Mixed Cultures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus SubtilisTarangini, K; Kumar, Arvind; Satapathy, G R; Sangal, Vkas Kumar