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Title: Modelling and Simulation Study of CO2 Capturing Process in Coal Fired Power Plant using Various Amine Solvents
Authors: Munshi, Basudeb
Panda, Swaraj
Kumar, Arvind
Keywords: CO2
Power Plant
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Citation: 4th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics( ICEEE2019) Edinburgh, UK, 20-22 August 2019.
Abstract: In the present world, Scientists are very much concern on to reduce the concentration level of carbon dioxide in environment to save the world. In the present work, the CO2 capturing efficiencies of three different amine solvents were analyzed. The selected solvents were mono-ethanol amine (MEA), solvent containing mixture of methyl diethanol amine (MDEA) and piperazine (PZ) called activated -MDEA and aqueous ammonia (NH3) solution. Rigorous simulation method was considered in the current study. The effects of different key parameters for different solvents on the CO2 removal efficiency were analyzed. Packing height, solvent temperature and absorber height were the significant influential parameters for MEA system whereas for activated-MDEA (a-MDEA), those are the ratio of the solvent to feed quantity and the mixed solvent PZ concentration level. For aqueous NH3 solution, absorber and stripper’s temperature, CO2 loading, concentration of NH3, height of the absorber, lean and rich solvent flow rate, boil up ratio, regeneration energy, temperature of the condenser, and duty of the reboiler were considered. The comparative study showed that MEA process recovered the maximum CO2 from flue gas. But it was suffered by the maximum regeneration duty. a-MDEA with PZ recovered 91% CO2. Overall, technically, a-MDEA was the best choice as solvent. Compared to a-MDEA and MEA, aqueous ammonia was identified as more propitious and environment friendly solvent due to its satisfactory performance and easy availability.
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