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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Application of Multidisciplinary – Transdisciplinary Research to Improve Safety in Mining IndustryJayanthu, Singam
Oct-2018Current Wireless Techniques for Monitoring of Slope Stability in Opencast Mines - Field Experimental TrialJayanthu, Singam
Feb-2019Design and Analysis of Novel Room Temperature T-Ray Source for Biomedical Imaging: Application in Full Body ProstheticsAdhikari, Saikat; Jayanthu, Singam; Mukherjee, Moumita
Feb-2017Development of Effective Technology for Online Slope Monitoring in Opencast Mines- R&D InitiativeJayanthu, Singam; Karthik, Guntha
Dec-2018Environmental and Stability Monitoring for Mines using Uncertain Data using Android - An AppriasalKhilar, P M; Jayanthu, Singam; S, Biswaranjan
Oct-2018Evaluation of Strata Behaviour and Goaf Atmosphere in Thick Seam Mining - A Case StudiesJayanthu, Singam; Kamat, Chetnarayan
Oct-2018Evaluation of Stability of Dump Slopes Through Observational and Mumerical Model Approach – Case StudyJayanthu, Singam; Himabindu; Khan, Galib; Mahesh, B; Sridhar, BJ
Oct-2018Evaluation of Strata Behaviour and Goaf Atmosphere in Thick Seam Mining - A Case StudiesJayanthu, Singam; Kamat, Chetnarayan
Jul-2019Field experimental trial of communication system for monitoring of slope stabilityJayanthu, Singam
Nov-2022Human Body Vibration: Evaluation, Effects and PreventionSankar, Nadendla Udaya; Srinivasan, Monisha Gowri; Kumaran, Tharani; Shoba, Gowri Priya; Jayanthu, Singam; Avvari, Ravi Kant; Baig, Mirza Khalid; Arunachalam, Thirugnanam
Oct-2018Innovative Application of T-Ray Imaging Unit for Crack Detection and Mine Safety – An Appraisal for Experimental TrialMukherjee, Moumita; Jayanthu, Singam
Oct-2018Instrumentation for Monitoring Load on Supports in Underground Coal Mines – Case StudiesJayadarshana, Singam; Jayanthu, Singam; Sreeja, Singam Sai
Jun-2023New Mining Methods and Strata Control Techniques for Underground Coal Mining and Its Eco-Friendly PerspectiveJayanthu, Singam
Feb-2017NexGen Technology for Estimation of in Situ Stress in Rock Mass Vis-À-Vis Application of Hydro Fracturing Techniques in Indian SitesJayanthu, Singam
Apr-2022Numerical Modelling and Monitoring of Slope Movements Vis-À-Vis Development of Trigger Action Response Plan For Opencast Coal MinesJayanthu, Singam; Singh, Pritiranjan; Sridhar, K; Satheesh, Gokul
Dec-2018Online Evaluation of Underground Mine Atmosphere and Scope of Application of WSN - A Case StudyJayanthu, Singam; S, Immanuel; G, Mohit; Vishal; Battu, P
Feb-2024Physical and Chemical Characterization of Fly-Ash and Overburden Soil for Metal RecoveryPatro, Arpita; Dokania, Puja; Jayanthu, Singam; Sarkar, Angana
Jan-2017Quantification of Slope Movement Using Time Domain Reflectrometry-An Experimental TrialKarthik, Guntha; Jayanthu, Singam
Oct-2018Real Time Monitoring of Ground Vibrations by Blasting In Mines Vis-a-Vis –a-Vis Wsn and Iot FrameworkPramanik, Jitendra; Samal, Abhaya Kumar; Jayanthu, Singam
Dec-2018Testing of Lora Module for Communications Systems in Opencast Mine- Vis-a-vis Slope StabilityYadav, Devendra Kumar; Jayanthu, Singam