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Title: Field experimental trial of communication system for monitoring of slope stability
Authors: Jayanthu, Singam
Keywords: Field experimental trial
Communication system
Slope stability
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Citation: 2nd International Conference on Future Commnication And Computing Technology (ICFCCT 2019), Meerut, India, 17-18 July 2019
Abstract: This paper presents field experimental trial of modern technique including wireless system for online monitoring of sub-surface movements in atypical opencast metal mine in India. Innovative real time monitoring of ground deformation was accomplished with Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to interrogate coaxial cables installed in three Holes. Surface monitoring was also conducted with total station measurements at these locations. Coaxial cables were connected to a TDR system that automatically recorded and these measurements transferred to mine office by RF module which was connected to TDR. The integrated indigenous RF modules along with microcontroller are tested in ground control laboratory of NIT Rourkela and also in mine site before final installation. A GUI developed using the Python software for automatic storing and plotting of real time data. Based on this received information mine official could alert the persons who are working near to prone area. This study describes the integration of TDR directly with Arduino boards and XBee modules for real-time transmission of slope monitoring data as a part of Ministry of Mines, Government of India (GOI) sponsored project. On the basis of the experimental trial in vogue, the TDR system appears to be a reliable measuring system for estimation of the subsurface movements, and an experimental trial of system of Slope Stability Radar (SSR) for online surface movements combined with TDR may be more useful for complete understanding of the slope behaviour for improving safety in opencast mines.
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