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Title: Human Body Vibration: Evaluation, Effects and Prevention
Authors: Sankar, Nadendla Udaya
Srinivasan, Monisha Gowri
Kumaran, Tharani
Shoba, Gowri Priya
Jayanthu, Singam
Avvari, Ravi Kant
Baig, Mirza Khalid
Arunachalam, Thirugnanam
Keywords: Whole body vibration
Hand-held vibration
vibrational dose value
Issue Date: Nov-2022
Citation: 20th International Conference Humanizing Work and Work Environment(HWWI), Punjabi University, Patiala, 24-26 November 2022
Abstract: Vibration is a common aspect in a human environment that deals with the field of ergonomics. The exposure to vibration in various work environments such as mining industries, aviation, and transportation on the human body is termed human body vibration (HBV) which is classified into whole body vibration (WBV) and hand-held vibration (HHV) based on the transmission of vibration into the body. These vibrations on the human body have short-term effects causing tingling and numbness. As the exposure gets prolonged, it leads to drastic effects on the physiological systems of the human body. Hence to avoid these effects, workers should be monitored regularly to evaluate their exposure to vibration. The evaluation of vibration depends upon various parameters such as weighted root-mean-square (rms) acceleration (aw), and vibrational dose value (VDV). In a working environment, the action limits of aw (for 8 h) are 0.5m/s2 and 2.5m/s2 for WBV and HHV respectively. As the values are predefined, organisations can take various steps such as continuous monitoring of vibration exposure in workers using wireless transmission of data calculated from sensors placed on the workers, rotating the shift of workers if the limit exceeds, educating on proper ergonomics and positioning of hand-held tools during work. This paper describes an overview of various standards and techniques used to measure and validate human body vibrations along with suggestive remedial measures.
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