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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2016Integrating Principal Component Analysis, Fuzzy Linguistic Reasoning and Taguchi Philosophy for Quality-Productivity Optimization in Manufacturing Context: A Case StudyKumar, A; Chatterjee, S; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
2007Manganese containing heterometallic clusters containing ligands derived from elements of Groups 15 and 16†Mathur, Pradeep; Chatterjee, S; Torubaev, Yuri V
Dec-2011Miners work injury determination using Bayesian structural equation modelChatterjee, S; Dash, R K
2007Mixed Metal Acetylide ComplexesMathur, Pradeep; Chatterjee, S; Avasare, Vidya D
Nov-2012Multi-point Geostatistical Simulation by Applying Quadratic Optimization AlgorithmChatterjee, S
Mar-2017Multi-Response Optimization during Electro-Discharge Machining of Super Alloy Inconel 718: Application of PCA-TOPSISRahul; Srivastava, A; Mishra, D K; Chatterjee, S; Datta, S; Biswal, B B; Mahapatra, S S
Feb-2012Pattern-based Simulation using Self Organized MapsChatterjee, S; Dimitrakopoulos, R
2007Photochemical route to unusual tri-tungsten ferrocenylacetylene cluster [W3{-2,2-(H)CCFc}2(CO)12] and a dimetallacyclodecatetraene [W2{-2,22,2-(Fc)CC(H)C(H)=C(Fc)C(Fc)=C(H)C(H)=C(Fc)}(CO)6]Mathur, Pradeep; Chatterjee, S; Das, Atanau; Mobin, Shaikh M
Nov-2012Stochastic Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling Incorporating Price UncertaintiesSethi, M R; Chatterjee, S
Jul-2013Synthesis, reactivity and properties of 5-C5H5 based organometallic compoundsChatterjee, S; Mishra, S; Tirkey, V