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Title: Manganese containing heterometallic clusters containing ligands derived from elements of Groups 15 and 16†
Authors: Mathur, Pradeep
Chatterjee, S
Torubaev, Yuri V
Keywords: Manganese
Group 15 - Group 16
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Kluwer
Citation: Journal of Cluster Science, Vol 18, No 3, P 505-434
Abstract: The area of manganese-containing mixed-metal clusters is reviewed. Discussion is divided into two sections: that containing clusters bridged by ligands derived from elements of Group 15 and those containing ligands derived from the Group 16 elements of the Periodic Table. Emphasis is given to synthetic strategies and those reactivity features which result in Mn-containing new cluster formations.
Description: Copyright for the published version belongs to Kluwer
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