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Title: Photochemical route to unusual tri-tungsten ferrocenylacetylene cluster [W3{-2,2-(H)CCFc}2(CO)12] and a dimetallacyclodecatetraene [W2{-2,22,2-(Fc)CC(H)C(H)=C(Fc)C(Fc)=C(H)C(H)=C(Fc)}(CO)6]
Authors: Mathur, Pradeep
Chatterjee, S
Das, Atanau
Mobin, Shaikh M
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry , Vol 692, Iss 4, P 819-823
Abstract: Low temperature photoreaction between tungsten hexacarbonyl and ferrocenylacetylene yielded two unusual metal containing stable compounds, the tritungsten cluster, [W3(μ-η2,η2- (H)Ctriple bond; length of mdashCFc)2(CO)12] (1), and ditungsten-1,4,5,8-ferrocenylcyclodecatetraene, [W2{μ-η2,η2,η2,η2-(Fc)Cdouble bond; length as m-dashC(H)C(H)double bond; length as m-dashC(Fc)C(Fc)double bond; length as m-dashC(H)C(H)double bond; length as m-dashC(Fc)}(CO)6] (2). Both compounds were characterised by IR and 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy and their molecular structures established by single crystal X-ray diffraction methods.
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