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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Ba2Co2Fe12O22 – ZnFe2O4 ferrite composite having equivalent permeability and permittivity for ultra-high frequency band antenna applicationsPolley, Kousik; Kushvaha, Suraj; Bera, J
2008Characterization of nanocrystalline NiCuZn ferrite powders synthesized by sol–gel auto-combustion methodRoy, P K; Bera, J
2004Characterization of Ni-doped SrTiO3 ceramics using impedance spectroscopyRout, S K; Panigrahi, S; Bera, J
2004Comparison of Electrical Properties between Ca and Sr Hydroxyapatites MaterialsRoy, P K; Kalia, V; Bera, J
2004Dielectric properties of acceptor doped SrTiO3 ceramicsRout, S K; Bera, J
2009Dielectric Properties of BaBi4Ti4O15 Ceramics Produced by Cost-Effective Chemical MethodChakrabarti, A; Bera, J; Sinha, T P
15-Jun-2005Effect of grain size on electromagnetic properties of Ni0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4 ferriteBera, J; Roy, P K
2005Effect of Mg substitution on electromagnetic properties of (Ni0.25Cu0.20Zn0.55)Fe2O4 ferrite prepared by auto combustion methodRoy, P K; Bera, J
2007Effect of Porosity on Electrical Properties of Undoped and Lanthanum Doped BaTi0.6Zr0.4O3Dash, M S; Bera, J; Ghosh, S
2009Effect of Sintering Temperature on Phase-Formation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Silica Ceramics Prepared from Rice Husk AshNayak, J P; Bera, J
2006Electrical Properties of Undoped and Lanthanum Doped a1Ti0.6Zro.403Dash, M S; Bera, J; Ghosh, S
2009Electromagnetic properties of samarium-Substituted NiCuZn Ferrite prepared by Auto-Combustion MethodRoy, P K; Bera, J
2006Enhancement of the magnetic properties of Ni–Cu–Zn ferrites with the substitution of a small fraction of lanthanum for ironRoy, P K; Bera, J
2003Formation of BaTiO3 from Barium Oxalate and TiO2Bera, J; Sarkar, D
20-Apr-2005Formation of SrTiO3 from Sr-oxalate and TiO2Roy, P K; Bera, J
2005Grain and grain-boundary study of acceptor doped SrTiO3 ceramics using impedance spectroscopyRout, S K; Bera, J
2004A Novel Low Temperature Synthesis of SrTIO3 from Sr -Oxalate and Tio2Roy, P K; Bera, J
Jan-2005On the formation mechanism of BaTiO3–BaZrO3 solid solution through solid-oxide reactionBera, J; Rout, S K
2006Phase formation and dielectric phase transition in Ba1-xCaxTi0.6Zr0.4O3 solid solutions.Rout, S K; Sinha, E; Panigrahi, S; Bera, J; Sinha, T P
2009Preparation of Silica Aerogel by Ambient Pressure Drying Process using Rice Husk Ash as Raw MaterialNayak, J P; Bera, J