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Title: A Novel Low Temperature Synthesis of SrTIO3 from Sr -Oxalate and Tio2
Authors: Roy, P K
Bera, J
Keywords: Ceramics
Electronic materials
Chemical synthesis
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: IIT Chennai
Citation: ISRS-2004, 20-22 December,IIT Madras, Chennai
Abstract: TiO2 and Sr(NO3)2 raw materials were used for the preparation of SrTiO3. Sr-oxalate is precipitated from Sr(NO3)2 solution onto the surface of suspended TiO2 particles. Crystallization of SrTiO3 from the precursor was investigated by TGA, DTA and XRD analysis. SrTiO3 formation occurs at much lower temperature, from 800oC onwards, due to the fine particle size of intermediate SrCO3.The precursor completely transforms into SrTiO3 at 1100oC. About 27 to 52 nm size SrTiO3 crystallites are produced in the range 800-900OC, due to the lower calcination temperature and better homogeneity of the precursor.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to IIT Chennai
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