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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites- A ReviewSamal, S S; Bal, S
2007Carbon nanotube reinforced polymer composites - A state of the artBal, S; Samal, S S
Dec-2012Comparative Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of Photo-Voltaic (PV) ArrayBal, S; Anurag, A; Chitti Babu, B
Dec-2012A Detailed Comparative Analysis between two Soft Switching techniques used in PV ApplicationsAnurag, A; Bal, S; Chitti Babu, B
2010Dispersion and reinforcing mechanism of carbon nanotubes in epoxy nanocompositesBal, S
2007Effect of Changing Environments on Microstructure of HDPE PolymerBal, S; Mahesh, D; Sen, T K; Ray, B C
2008Effect of mechanical properties on fracture surfaces of carbon nanotube composites pre-treated at different temperaturesBal, S; Samal, S S; Mohanty, U K
Aug-2015Emerging Technology for Shielding of Electromagnetic Radiation Using Composite MaterialsBal, S; Saha, S
2010Experimental Study of Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanofiber/epoxy CompositesBal, S
2007Influence of dispersion states of carbon nanotubes on mechanical and electrical properties of epoxy nanocompositesBal, S
2006Influence of Dispersion States of Carbon Nanotubes on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy NanocompositesBal, S; Samal, S S
2006Influence of nanomodification on physical properties of polymer nanocompositesBal, S; Nayak, Y
Oct-2015Micro Graphical Analysis and Comparison of MWNT and CNF Reinforced Polymer CompositeBal, S
2006Structural Investigation of Chemical Treated Polyester Fibers Using Saxs and other TechniquesBal, S; Behera, R C
2004Structural Investigation of Normal and Treated Polyester Fibers by SAXS and Other TechniquesBal, S
2008Study of Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Aligned and Randomly Oriented Carbon Nanotube CompositesSamal, S S; Bal, S