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Title: Study of Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Aligned and Randomly Oriented Carbon Nanotube Composites
Authors: Samal, S S
Bal, S
Keywords: Carbon nanotube
mechanical property
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ISRO
Citation: Emerging Scenarios in Space Technology & Applications-2008 (Advanced Materials and Reliability) Bangalore on 15th November’ 2008
Abstract: Randomly oriented multi wall carbon nanotubes (RCNTs) and Aligned carbon nanotubes (ACNTs) added into the epoxy resin were mixed by sonication and then cured to obtain nanocomposite samples. The mechanical properties of the composites were characterized in terms of flexural tests and hardness tests. Scanning electron microscopy studies were employed to investigate the deformation mechanisms and crack propagation of the nanocomposites. Compared to random carbon nanotube-based composites, a significant increase in modulus and hardness was obtained with aligned carbon nanotube composites due to good load transfer from matrix to CNTs and effective bridging of cracks.
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