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Title: Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites- A Review
Authors: Samal, S S
Bal, S
Keywords: reinforcement
carbon nanotube
ceramic matrix
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Institute of Materials Processing, Houghton
Citation: Journal of Minerals & Materials Characterization & Engineering,Vol. 7, Iss 4, P 355-370,
Abstract: This paper provides an overview of recent advances reported in literature in ceramics matrix composites research in the context of reinforcement with carbon nanotubes. Current state of research has indicated the potential of these nanocomposites but at the same time, has illustrated the significant challenges in processing and improving properties. Fundamental work in processing, characterization and analysis is important before the structural properties of this new class of nanocomposites can be optimized. The fields of the nanocomposite materials have received a lot of attention and close scrutiny of scientists and engineers in recent years. This scrutiny results from the simple premise that using building blocks with dimensions in the nanometer range makes it possible to design and create new materials with unprecedented flexibility. The driving force behind the fabrication of novel nanocomposites is to achieve high functional properties for high end applications.
Description: Copyright for the published article belongs to Institute of Materials Processing
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