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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A New Algorithm for Motion Control of Leader-Follower Formation of Mobile Autonomous AgentsAtta, D; Subudhi, B
Dec-2013A New Approach to Fast Tracking and Low Cost Single Exponential Model Photovoltaic SystemKolluru, V R; Mahapatra, K K; Subudhi, B
Sep-2012A New Digital Double Integral Sliding Mode Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic Power Generation ApplicationPradhan, R; Subudhi, B
2009Nonlinear System Identification of A Twin Rotor MIMO SystemSubudhi, B; Jena, D
2009Nonlinear System Identification using Opposition Based Learning Differential Evolution and Neural Network TechniquesSubudhi, B; Jena, D
2008A Novel Method for Representing Robot Kinematics using Quaternion TheorySahu, S; Biswal, B B; Subudhi, B
2003On Design of a H∞ Controller for a Flexible Link Robotic ManipulatorSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
2001On the singular perturbation approach to trajectory control of a multilink manipulator with flexible links and jointsSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
1997Optimization of Membership Functions of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Controlling Liquid Level Using Genetic AlgorithmSubudhi, B; Swain, A K
1995Parameter estimation of power system signals using SVDSwain, A K; Subudhi, B
2008Parameter Estimation Techniques Applied to Power NetworksSubudhi, B; Ray, P K; Panda, A M; Mohanty, S R
2003Singular perturbation approach to trajectory tracking of flexible robot with joint elasticitySubudhi, B; Morris, A S
2006Singular perturbation based neuro-H∞ control scheme for a manipulator with flexible links and jointsSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
2009Soft Computing Methods Applied to the Control of a Flexible Robot ManipulatorSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
Apr-2013A VLLMS based Harmonic Estimation of Distorted Power System Signals and Hybrid Active Power Filter DesignRay, P K; Subudhi, B