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Title: Soft Computing Methods Applied to the Control of a Flexible Robot Manipulator
Authors: Subudhi, B
Morris, A S
Keywords: soft computing,
fuzzy logic,
radial basis function neural network,
flexible manipulator
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Applied Soft Computing, Volume 9 , Issue 1 (January 2009),Pages 149-158
Abstract: The paper describes use of soft computing methods (fuzzy logic and neural network techniques) in the development of a hybrid fuzzy neural control (HFNC) scheme for a multi-link flexible manipulator. A manipulator with multiple flexible links is a multivariable system of considerable complexity due to the inter-link coupling effects that are present in both rigid and flexible motions. Modelling and controlling the dynamics of such manipulators is therefore difficult. The proposed HFNC scheme generates control actions combining contributions form both a fuzzy controller and a neural controller. The primary loop of the proposed HFNC contains a fuzzy controller and a neural network controller in the secondary loop to compensate for the coupling effects due to the rigid and flexible motion along with the inter-link coupling. It has been ascertained from the present investigation that the proposed soft-computing-based controller works effectively in the tracking control of such a multi-link flexible manipulator. The results are extendable to other multivariable systems of similar complexity.
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