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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Environmental Stability of GFRP Laminated Composites: An Emphasis on Mechanical BehaviourMishra, G; Mohapatra, S R; Behera, P R; Dash, B; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
Apr-2012Influence of processing variables on the mechanical behavior of spheroidal graphite cast ironSwain, S K; Sen, S; Mishra, S C
Sep-2010Effect of Ceramic Fillers on Mechanical Properties of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites: A Comparative StudyBiswas, Sandhyarani; Satapathy, Alok; Patnaik, A
2013Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Composites at Cryogenic TemperaturesSethi, S; Ray, B C
8-Oct-2014A Review on Mechanical Behavior of FRP Composites at Different Loading SpeedsRay, B C; Rathore, D
Dec-2015Flexural behaviour of CNT-filled glass/epoxy composites in an in-situ environment emphasizing temperature variationPrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Shukla, M J; Ray, B C
Dec-2015Comparative Study of Nano-Tio2/Y2O3 Dispersed Zirconium Based Alloys by Mechanical Alloying and Conventional SinteringNuthalapati, M; Karak, S K; Basu, A
2015An Assessment of Flexural Performance of Liquid Nitrogen Conditioned Glass/Epoxy Composites with Multiwalled Carbon NaotubeShukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
2016Water Absorption Behavior and Residual Strength Assessment of Glass/Epoxy and Glass-Carbon/Epoxy Hybrid CompositeMohanty, S C; Singh, B P; Mahato, K K; Rathore, D K; Prusty, R K; Ray, B C
Nov-2017An Investigation on Failure and Fracture Behavior of Environmentally Conditioned Fibre Reinforced Polymeric CompositesMahato, Kishore Kumar; Dutta, Krishna; Ray, Bankim Chandra