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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2017Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Velocity Estimation in HetNets Based on Handoff CountTiwari, Ravi; Deshmukh, Siddharth
Jan-2017Performance Analysis of Dual-Hop DF Relaying Systems in the Combined Presence of CEE and RFIMishra, Anoop Kumar; Mallick, Debmalya; Issar, Mareesh; Singh, Poonam
Jan-2017Ambiguity-Region Analysis for Double Threshold Energy Detection in Cooperative Spectrum SensingDas, Dhritiman; Deshmukh, Siddharth
Jan-2017Nonlinear Finite Element Solution of Post-buckling Responses of FGM Panel Structure under Elevated Thermal Load and TD and TID PropertiesPanda, Subrata Kumar; Mahapatra, Trupti Ranjan; Kar, Vishesh Ranjan
Jan-2017A Process for Prevention of Browning in Fresh Cut Tender JackfruitPradhan, Rama Chandra
Jan-2017Anatomically Shaped Tool Handles Designed for Power GripBisht, Dhananjay Singh; Khan, Mohammed Rajik
Jan-2017Analysis of The Fusarium Virguliforme Transcriptomes Induced During Infection of Soybean Roots Suggests That Enzymes with Hydrolytic Activities Could Play a Key Role in Root NecrosisSahu, Binod Bihari; Baumbach, Jordan L; Singh, Prashant; Srivastava, Subodh K; Yi, Xiaoping; Bhattacharyya, Madan K
Feb-2017Sensors Data Collection Architecture in the Internet of Mobile Things as a Service (IoMTaaS) PlatformMaiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar; Satpathy, Suchismita
Feb-2017Analysis on Topography and Metallurgical Aspects of EDMed Work Surface of Inconel 718 Obtained Using Triangular Cross Sectioned Copper Tool ElectrodeJadam, Thrinadh; Upadhyay, Chandramani; Datta, Saurav; Gangopadhyay, Soumya; Mahapatra, Siba Sankar
Jan-2017Optimal Assembly Sequence Planning Towards Design for Assembly Using Simulated Annealing TechniqueBala Murali, G; Deepak, B B V L; Raju Bahubalendruni, M V A; Biswal, B B