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Title: Nonlinear Finite Element Solution of Post-buckling Responses of FGM Panel Structure under Elevated Thermal Load and TD and TID Properties
Authors: Panda, Subrata Kumar
Mahapatra, Trupti Ranjan
Kar, Vishesh Ranjan
Keywords: Nonlinear Finite Element
Elevated Thermal Load
FGM Panel Structure
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Citation: International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (ATMME 2017), Bangkok, Thailand, 5-7 January 2017
Abstract: The nonlinear limited component answers for the buckling and post- buckling reactions of the functionally graded shell board subjected to the non-uniform thermal environment have been evaluated in this article. The thermal fields are expected as uniform, linear and nonlinear temperature ascend over the thickness of shell board and the properties of every constituent are thought to be temperature subordinate. The compelling material properties of the reviewed structure are assessed utilizing the Voigt's micromechanical rule in conjunction with power-law dissemination. For the examination reason, a general nonlinear numerical model of the functionally graded shell board has been produced based on the higher order shear deformation theory and Green-Lagrange sort geometrical nonlinear strains. The system governing equation of the board structure is inferred utilizing the variational rule. Further, appropriate nonlinear limited component steps have been received to discretize the model for the calculation of the desired responses in relationship with the direct iterative method. The convergence and the validation behavior of the present numerical model are at first tried to show its efficacy and significance. At last, the impacts of arch, power law index and different support conditions on the buckling and post- buckling reactions of the functionally graded shell boards are examined and talked about in subtle elements.
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