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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018RFID Authentication Protocol for mobile readers satisfying EPC-C1-GEN2 standard of Passive TagsPriyanka, Y. J; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Mar-2018Security and Privacy Solution for I-RFID based Smart Infrastructure Health MonitoringKumar, Shailesh; Mahapatra, Byomakesh; Kumar, Rahul; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
2017Software-Defined Optical Burst Switching for High Performance ComputingTuruk, Ashok Kumar
Dec-2018Smart Gateway based Multi-tier Service-Oriented Fog Computing Architecture for Achieving Ultra-Low LatencyMaiti, Prasenjit; Sahoo, Kshira Sagar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Dec-2018Multi-layer Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Secured Data Transmission in Cloud-RANYadav, Awaneesh Kumar; Mahapatra, Byomakesh; Kumar, Shailesh; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Mar-2018Appropriate Deployment of Fog Nodes for IoT ServicesMaiti, Prasenjit; Shukla, Jaya; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Dec-2018TCA: A multi constraint real-time task scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous cloud environmentSahoo, Sampa; Sahu, Sahil Kumar; Rath, Tanmay Kumar; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Mar-2019Secured IoT devices management in Cloud-Fog Environment using BlockchainBiswal, Asutosh Kumar; Addya, Sourav Kanti; Sahoo, Bibhudatta; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Mar-2019Privacy Preservation and Authentication Protocol for BBU-Pool in C-RAN ArchitectureMahapatra, Byomakesh; Yadav, Awaneesh Kumar; Kumar, Shailesh; Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Mar-2019A Secure Key Management and Authentication Protocol for Virtualized-BBU in C-RAN ArchitectureYadav, Awaneesh Kumar; Mahapatra, Byomakesh; Turuk, Ashok Kumar