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Title: Secured IoT devices management in Cloud-Fog Environment using Blockchain
Authors: Biswal, Asutosh Kumar
Addya, Sourav Kanti
Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Keywords: Cloud
Secure communication
Block design
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Citation: 1st International Conference on Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences (MIND), Kurukshetra, India, 3 - 4 March 2019
Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is a remarkable innovation where all the physical articles are associated over the web and are dispensed with a unique self-recognizing capacity to find other potential items to transmit information. However, the secure communication is a challenge among the IoT devices and detecting the compromised node form network is also difficult. In this paper, a key based communication model with different user groups has been proposed. To communicate among the user groups a gateway node is selected from the IoT nodes. For this model, we adopted a combinatorial BIBD (Balanced Incomplete Block Design) which offers unique and few keys to the IoT nodes. It is also possible that the selected gateway device or any IoT device can be compromised which hampers the efficiency of the network as well as communication data. To detect that compromised node we use a blockchain based solution mainly bitcoin’s proof-of-work is further used to provide more security to the key-distribution technique with its decentralization property at the same time it provides immutability and strong cryptographic verification. We experimented the proposed model and found out the efficiency by compromising random nodes of the network in terms of resiliency. To make the deployment unique hash values for each device was found and updated at the gateway node or blockchain miners so that we can match to the hash values with any compromised hash value whenever there is a change in the node attributes.
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