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Title: A Novel Control Circuit for Aircraft Power Supply Using Soft-Switched Inverter
Authors: Pattanaik, Sushant Kumar
Mahapatra, K K
Keywords: aircraft power systems
electric current control
power supply circuits
resonant invertors
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEE
Citation: IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology. ICIT 2009,Gippsland, VIC, 10-13 February, 1-6 Pages.
Abstract: This paper describes the design of a novel aircraft power supply. Power supply design is designed using a softswitched Resonant DC Link Inverter (RDCLI). A current initialization scheme based on state transition equation is adopted to avoid zero crossing failures. Zero-hysteresis bangbang control is used for current control within the inverter. The designed power supply supports 400 Hz load. The advantages of the power supply design using soft-switched inverter rather than conventional hard switched PWM inverter in terms of adequate current regulator bandwidth and reduced switching losses are brought out. The proposed solution is validated through extensive MATLAB and CASPOC simulation.
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