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Title: Differential equation-based fault locator for unified power flow controller-based transmission line using synchronised phasor measurements
Authors: Samantaray, S R
Tripathy, L N
Dash, P K
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation: IET Gener. Transm. Distrib., 2009, Vol 3, No 1, P 86-98
Abstract: The fault location algorithm based on a differential equation-based approach for a transmission line employing a unified power flow controller (UPFC) using synchronised phasor measurements is presented. First, a detailed model of the UPFC and its control is proposed and then, it is integrated into the transmission system for accurately simulating fault transients. The method includes the identification of fault section for a transmission line with a UPFC using a wavelet-fuzzy discriminator. Features are extracted using a wavelet transform and the normalised features are fed to the fuzzy logic systems for the identification of fault section. After the identification of the fault section, the control shifts to the differential equation-based fault locator that estimates the fault location in terms of the line inductance up to the fault point from the relaying end. Shunt faults are simulated with wide variations in operating conditions and a pre-fault parameter setting. The instantaneous fault current and voltage samples at the sending and receiving ends are fed to the designed algorithm sample by sample, which results in the fault location in terms of the line inductance. The proposed method is tested for different fault situations with wide variations in operating conditions in the presence of a UPFC.
Description: Copyright for the paper belongs to IEEE
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