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Title: Fast firing of lead zirconate titanate ceramics at low temperature
Authors: Seal, A
Mazumder, R
Sen, A
Maiti, H S
Keywords: Dielectric properties
Electronic materials
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol 97, Iss 1, P 14-18
Abstract: A fast firing technique for densification of PZT (up to 97% of theoretical density) at a low temperature (950 °C) has been found out. A small amount of excess PbO (3–5 wt.%) and a fast firing schedule are required to achieve the desired sintering. The final composition of the sintered ceramics can be kept close to the morphotropic phase boundary by modifying the firing time and post-sintering annealing treatment at 800 °C. The g33 values of fast fired samples are comparable to those of conventionally sintered samples, though the d33 values are somewhat lower than those reported for conventionally sintered (at 1250 °C or above) samples.
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