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dc.contributor.authorSahoo, B K-
dc.identifier.citationDiscrete Mathematics, (2008) Accepted Post-printen
dc.descriptionCopyright for this article belongs to Elsevieren
dc.description.abstractWe provide a geometrical construction of the unique slim dense near hexagon with parameters (s,t,t2)=(2,5,{1,2}). Using this construction, we construct the rank 3 symplectic dual polar space DSp(6,2) which is the unique slim dense near hexagon with parameters (s,t,t2)=(2,6,2). Both near hexagons are constructed from two copies of the unique generalized quadrangle with parameters (2,2).en
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dc.subjectPartial linear spacesen
dc.subjectGeneralized quadranglesen
dc.subjectNear polygonsen
dc.titleNew constructions of two slim dense near hexagonsen
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