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Title: Parameter Optimization in Plasma in Plasma Spraying of Red Mud using Fractional Factorial Technique
Authors: Satapathy, Alok
Mishra, S C
Mantry, Sisir
Padmanabhan, P V A
Sreekumar, K P
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: CUSAT, Cochin
Citation: Proceedings of 20th National Symposium of Plasma Science Society of India PLASMA 2005, December,2005 ,CUSAT, Cochin
Abstract: Coating deposition by plasma spraying involves a number of process variables, which contribute in a large way to the quality of the coating. During spraying, various operating parameters are determined mostly based on past experience. It therefore does not provide the optimal set of parameters for a particular objective. In order to obtain the best result with regard to any specific coating quality characteristic, accurate identification of significant control parameters is essential. Deposition efficiency of any coating is a characteristic which not only rates the effectiveness of the spraying method but also is a measure of the coatability of the material under study. This paper analyzes the experimental results on the deposition efficiency of red mud coatings made at different operational conditions. For this purpose, a statistical technique fractional factorial testing is employed, with the help of which parameters are identified according to their influence on the coating deposition. The most significant parameter is found.
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