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Title: Plug-and-Play Priors Enabled SAR Image Inpaintingin the Presence of Speckle Noise
Authors: Baraha, Satyakam
Sahoo, Ajit Kumar
Keywords: ADMM
model based reconstruction
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Citation: 17th IEEE India Council International Conference(INDICON 2020), New Delhi, 11-13 December 2020
Abstract: Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), being a coherent imaging system, usually produces images that are affected by granular deformities known as speckle. Image restoration from such noisy observation is an ill-posed problem. Model-based optimization is the framework that effectively tackle such inverse problems by building the degradation model and utilizing the prior information. The modular structure of alternating direc-tion method of multipliers (ADMM) converges to solution byiteratively minimizing the cost function, which is the sum oft he above two models. Recently, Plug-and-Play (PnP) ADMM is developed, which provides the flexibility to use image denoisers in place of regularizers. Image estimation from partial/incomplete observation is quite challenging and open topic of research in the literature. In this paper, SAR image reconstruction under multiplicative noise is discussed for image inpainting using PnPADMM. Simulation results show that denoisers can be used to restore the images affected by large fractions of missing pixels.
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