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Title: A class of slipline field solutions for metal machining with slipping and sticking contact at the chip-tool interface
Authors: Maity, K P
Das, N S
Keywords: Metal-machining
Sticking-slipping contact
Slipline field solutions
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: Pergamon
Citation: International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol 43, Iss 10, P 2435-2452
Abstract: In the present investigation slipline field solutions for orthogonal machining are presented when the plastically stressed region in the chip/tool contact length consists of both slipping (k) and sticking (=k) zones. The interface friction in the slipping region is assumed to obey Coulomb's law and the fields are analysed using the linear approximation to the above non-linear boundary value problem as suggested by Dewhurst. The range of validity of the above slipline fields is examined from the consideration of overstressing of rigid vertices in the assumed rigid regions. Results are presented for variation of cutting forces, cutting ratio, chip curl radius and contact length with variation in rake angle and interface friction coefficient. Solutions incorporating elastic effects are obtained by the method suggested by Childs. Results from the theoretical analysis are compared with experimental values reported in literature
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