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dc.contributor.authorSatapathy, A K-
dc.contributor.authorSahoo, R K-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 29, Iss 2, P 279-288en
dc.descriptionCopyright of this article belongs to Elsevier Science Ltden
dc.description.abstractA semi—analytical model for the two—dimensional quasi—steady conduction equation, governing conduction controlled rewetting of an infinite tube, has been suggested. The solution yields the temperature field as a function of various input model parameters such as Peclet number, Biot number and radius ratio of the tube. Unlike earlier investigations, the present semi-analytical model predicts the temperature field for the entire domain of a tube, employing the Wiener—Hopf technique and by inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT) algorithm.en
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dc.subjectinfinite tubeen
dc.titleAnalysis of rewetting of an infinite tube by numerical fourier inversionen
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