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Title: Real Time Monitoring of Ground Vibrations by Blasting In Mines Vis-a-Vis –a-Vis Wsn and Iot Framework
Authors: Pramanik, Jitendra
Samal, Abhaya Kumar
Jayanthu, Singam
Keywords: IoT
Coal Mine
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Citation: 2nd National Conference on Current Practices in Mining and Allied Industries (CPMAI 2018), Keonjhar, Odisha, India, 6-7 October, 2018
Abstract: Blasting is one of the most popular and a common technique widely used in quarries and mining production processes. It is the standard industrial cost-effective methodology that provides achievement of expected results quickly in a short period of time with involvement of relatively low cost of expenditure. Usage of Explosive generates ground vibration which is undoubtedly influence on surrounding structure. It is the beneficial industrial technology which provides achievement of expected results in a short period of time with relatively low cost. Never one less, blasts produce undesirable vibrations and sounds. This paper highlights the role of IoT for optimisation of production, profit and safety in the mining industries.The primary focus of presented paper is to develop an internet connected mine monitoring system for ground vibration monitoring due to blasting.
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