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Title: Effect of Heterogeneity on Amplitude Death Based Stability Solution of DC Microgrid
Authors: Subudhi, Sanjeet Kumar
Maity, Somnath
Keywords: Constant power load (CPL)
DC microgrid
Amplitude death (AD)
Equilibrium point (EP)
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Citation: IEEE International on Power, Instrumentation, Computing & Control (PICC - 2018), Trichur, Kerala, India, 18 - 20 January, 2018
Abstract: In real electrical systems, the parameters of the subsystems are inherently somewhat different. Synchronous behavior in DC micro-grids (MGs) can be achieved by means of the coupling of these subsystems under the condition of parameters mismatch. The method of detuning of one or more internal parameters in a statically coupled system can give rise to amplitude death (AD), a coupling induced stabilization of a dynamical system. This coupling technique has the advantage that this provides an open-loop stability solution for DC-DC converters in a DC MG in the presence of CPLs. The bifurcation analysis shows that the small detuning of parameters under strong coupling eliminates the standard oscillatory behavior from the large region of the parameter space, where the dominance of the AD can be observed. And this AD dominance produces a reliable dynamical control mechanism in the general case of coupled nonlinear oscillators. The goal of this work is to identify the dynamic states of coupled nonlinear oscillators and investigate how the heterogeneity of the system interacts with the coupling to produce coherent behavior.
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