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Title: Combustion Studies of a DI Diesel Engine Using Jatropha Methyl Ester-Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Blends
Authors: Sharma, Abhishek
Senthooran, R
Gupta, Subhash Kumar
Murugan, S
Keywords: Diesel engine
Jatropha methyl ester
Tyre pyrolysis oil
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Publisher: Proceedings of International Conference on Alternative Fuels for I.C. Engines, Jaipur, India, 06-08 Feb 2013
Abstract: In the present study, an investigation was carriedout to explore the possibility of using biodiesel- pyrolysis oil blends as fuels in a single cylinder, four stroke, direct injection (DI) diesel engine with a rated power of 4.4kW running at 1500rpm. The combustion studies with Jatropha methyl ester-Tyre pyrolysis oil (JMETPO) blends as fuels are reported in this paper. Four different blends of varying TPO, from 5 to 20% in step of 5% on a volume basis, were considered for the investigation. The combustion parameters of the engine were evaluated, analysed, compared with diesel data of the same engine and presented in this paper. Combustion analysis indicated that ignition delay was shorter for the JMETPO blends compared to that of diesel. Peak pressure, maximum rate of pressure rise and heat release rate were lower for all the blends in comparison with diesel.
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