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Title: Virtual Fabrication of Short-Channel RecessedSource/Drain (Re-S/D) SOI MOSFETs
Authors: Dasari, S
Saramekala, G K
Tiwari, P K
Keywords: Short Channel Effects (SCEs)
RecessedSource/Drain (Re-S/D) thickness
Electrical characteristics
Issue Date: Feb-2015
Citation: Proceedings of International Symposium on Semiconductor Materials and Devices (ISSMD-3),Crystal Crystal Growth Centre, Anna University, Chennai. 2-5 February 2015.
Abstract: This paper describes process and device simulation results of short-channel Recessed Source/Drain (Re-S/D) SOI MOSFETs. A Re-S/D SOI MOSFET with 30nm channel length, and 10nm channel thickness, is virtually fabricated with reduced short channel effects (SCEs) and low source/drain series resistance. The processing steps, which are required to obtain the structure of the Re-S/D SOI MOSFET, are proposed and explained in detail. The electrical characteristic Ids versus drain to source voltage VDS is obtained for different values of VGS and Re-S/D thickness (trsd). The device is virtually fabricated using 2D process simulator ATHENA, followed by electrical characterization which is done with the help of device simulator ATLASTM from SILVACO.
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