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Title: An analytical subthreshold surface potential model for a short-channel dual-metal-gate (DMG) recessed-source/ drain (Re-S/D) SOI MOSFET
Authors: Saramekala, G K
Tiwari, P K
Jit, S
recessed- source/drain (Re-S/D)
Short Channel Effects
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: ICATET 2013-jaipur
Abstract: In this paper, an analytical subthreshold surface potential model is presented for a short-channel dual-metal-gate(DMG) recessed-source/drain (Re-S/D) silicon-on-insulator(SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor(MOSFET). The model has been developed by solving the 2D Poisson’s equations in the channel region with appropriate boundary conditions assuming a parabolic potential profile in the transverse direction of the channel. The developed model is analyzed extensively for a variety of device parameters like the oxide thickness, silicon and buried oxide (BOX) thicknesses, thickness of the source/drain extension in the BOX, control and screen gate length ratio and different combination of metal work function of control and screen gates. The validity of the present analytical model is verified with ATLASTM, a 2D device simulator from SILVACO Inc.
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