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Title: Boundary Collocation Technique for Heat Conduction in Eccentric Systems
Authors: Moharana, M K
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Citation: International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (ICCMS), IIT Hyderabad, 09-12 December 2012
Abstract: Heat conduction through eccentric systems with circular inner surface and regular polygonal outer surface has been analyzed. Constant wall temperature at the inner surface and convective heat transfer from the outer surface is considered. A two dimensional semi analytical method using boundary collocation technique is used in which collocation points are considered on the outer periphery of the eccentric systems. The temperature contour in the solid domain and heat transfer to the ambient are predicted. The geometry of the critical and crossover condition of insulation around a heated circular cylinder is also determined when regular polygonal shaped insulation is provided eccentrically.
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