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dc.contributor.authorDas, N S-
dc.contributor.authorMaity, K P-
dc.identifier.citationMaterials & Designen
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dc.description.abstractIn extrusion process, plastic deformation is achieved by applying force to a block of metal through a suitable die which results in reduction of the cross section of the product. A great deal of effort has been made at theoretical evaluation of deformation process using different techniques like Finite Element Modelling, weighted residual method and upper bound method, which yield approximate solution. The theory of slipline field has now advanced to a highly developed state and has been successfully utilized in the analysis of deformation modes of extrusion process. In the present analysis, the slipline field solutions have been obtained for slipping friction at the die metal interface for wedge shaped die. All solutions are analysed over the complete range of reductions. The mean extrusion and die pressures are computed for a number of die geometries and for different frictional condition at the interface.en
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dc.subjectSlipline Fielden
dc.subjectWedge-shaped dieen
dc.titleA class of slipline field solutions for extrusion through wedge shaped dies with slipping frictionen
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