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Title: Design & Kinematic Analysis of an Articulated Robotic Manipulator
Authors: Eliot, E
B.B.V.L, Deepak
Parhi, D R
J, Srinivas
Keywords: 5-DOF robotic arm
5-axes articulate robotic manipulator
kinematic analysis
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Citation: International Conference on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (ICMIE-2012), 8th April 2012, Goa, India
Abstract: This paper describes the design, fabrication and analysis a five axes articulated robotic manipulator. The current work is undertaken by considering various commercially available robotic kits to design and fabricate a five degree of freedom (D.O.F) arm. Forward kinematic model has been presented in order to determine the end effector’s position and orientation. Although this work is still in primary level, this analysis is useful for path tracking of an industrial manipulator with ‘pick-and-place’ application. Based on this analysis, a researcher can develop path tracking behaviour of an end effector in complicated work space.
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