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dc.contributor.authorBehera, D-
dc.identifier.citationNational conference on Physics and Technology of Novel Materials -II(PTNM -II), School of Physics, Sambalpur University, 10-11 March 2012en
dc.descriptionCopyright belongs to proceeding publisheren
dc.description.abstractWith increase in wt.% of CoFe2O4 in YBCO the critical temperature Tc and Tc0 decreases gradually . The different cross-over temperatures TG, TLD, T2D-SW also decreases with increase in wt.% . Decrease in TLD indicates that 3D fluctuation is dominant in the mean field region with increase in wt.% of CoFe2O4 in the composite.en
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dc.subjectcuprate superconductorsen
dc.subjectPhase Diagramen
dc.titleFluctuation Induced Conductivity in YBa2Cu3O7- + CoFe2O4 Compositesen
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