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Title: Performance of Power Efficient LDPC Coded OFDM over AWGN Channel
Authors: Mishra, Madhusmita
Patra, S K
Turuk, A K
Keywords: OFDM
Block Codes
Low density parity check
Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN)
Turbo codes
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Citation: Recent Advances in information Technology (RAIT-2012), 15-17 March 2012, ISM, Dhanbad (Jharkhand)
Abstract: OFDM with Quadrature amplitude modulation(QAM) technique can be used for high speed optical applications. As the order of modulation increases, the bit error rate (BER) increases. Forward Error correction (FEC) coding like LDPC coding is generally used to Improve BERperformance. LDPC provides large minimum distance and alsothe power efficiency of the LDPC code increases significantly with the code length. Here we have given a theoretical reviewon the design of encoder and decoder for the Block codes followed by the fundamentals of various modified Block codes.Finally using a long Irregular LDPC code, it is shown that LDPC coded OFDM provides very low bit error rate compared to OFDM without coding case with a gain in transmitter power and thus making the link power efficient
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