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Title: Effect of temperature-dependent specific heat of the working fluid on the performance of cryogenic regenerators
Authors: Sahoo, R K
Sarangi, S K
Keywords: cryogenics
specific heat
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Cryogenics, Vol 25, No 10, P 583-590
Abstract: The governing differential equations of a regenerator operating with a fluid with temperature-dependent specific heat have been formulated in terms of characteristic reduced parameters. A numerical solution of these equations is presented for several combinations of fluid-flow parameters using normal and parahydrogen as working fluid. It is observed that a constant specific heat model with the harmonic mean reduced length is adequate except at large values of reduced length or period and when the specific heat variation exceeds a factor of two over the temperature range. The matrix and gas exit temperature profiles, however, show a significant difference between the two models, which may be critical in some applications.
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