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Title: Study on the Use of Discretized Sliding-Mode Controller in DC-DC Switching Regulators
Authors: Maity, S
Keywords: Sliding mode (SM) control
digital sliding mode
DC-DC converter
2-dimensional piecewise smooth (PWS) discontinuous map
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 12th IEEE International Workshop on variable structure systems 2012, 12th-14th January 2012, IIT Bombay
Abstract: In this paper, we study the application of discretization of equivalent SM controller in DC-DC buck converters. Based on this control logic, we derive the two-dimensional (2- D) piecewise smooth (PWS) discontinuous map of the converter system. Some inherent dynamical properties of system’s steadystate behaviors (i.e., the bifurcation behaviors) are also studied. The presented one- and two-parameter bifurcation digrams show the domains of existence of different oscillatory modes and their sequence of occurrence of the converter system, which are quite different from the bifurcation behaviors observed in 2-D PWS continuous maps
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