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Title: An Approach to Data Integrity in Web Applications
Authors: Dalai, A K
Panigrahy, S K
Jena, S K
Keywords: Web Security
Message Integrity
Hash Function
Stream cipher
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Citation: National Conference on Emerging Trend & Its Application in Engineering (NCETAE-2011) 26-28 December 2011, Sarang, Odisha, INDIA
Abstract: Web application security is extremely important due to the extensive use of web in daily life. Today for almost every purpose we depend on web such as for social networking, ticket booking, online shopping etc. We are exchanging the confidential information as and when needed. Attackers can capture this private information and may modify before being sent to the application server. This paper explains a security model that can be used in web applications to maintain integrity of the data.
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